Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Campaign - How long is it and mission list (2024)

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Campaign - How long is it and mission list (1)

The Destiny 2: The Witch Queen campaign is a major part of the new expansion and it's one of the best Bungie's made in years.

The Witch Queen feels like a huge step for the story of Destiny 2. The campaign brings the Hive god Savathun out of the shadows, where she has been lurking since 2015's The Taken King, and into the limelight.

On top of a brand new story, the Witch Queen also offers a new difficulty option in the Legendary campaign. This allows you to tailor your experience, whether you want a challenge and big loot rewards, or just to see the campaign story through.

However, that begs the question - how long is The Witch Queen campaign and how many missions does it have? Here's everything you should know about Destiny 2: The Witch Queen's campaign.

How long does the Witch Queen Campaign take to complete?

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Campaign - How long is it and mission list (2)

The Witch Queen campaign is one of the largest in Destiny's history. Comparable to the sizeable launch campaign. According to HowLongToBeat, that original campaign clocked in at twelve hours. The site claims The Witch Queen campaign will take twelve hours to complete.

We found the campaign is actually a little shorter than the original. However, it's not quite as simple as that. The Witch Queen offers two difficulties, Classic and Legendary. Classic isn't too challenging, you should be able to complete it in 7 - 9 hours.

Legendary is a different story; missions can take over an hour to complete. You can expect the campaign to take you up to 10 - 12 hours on Legendary difficulty, and that's if you are equipped and experienced enough to handle it. We managed it in around 10 hours.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen mission list

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Campaign - How long is it and mission list (3)

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has eight story missions. These are big missions so set some time aside. We found a few took more than an hour to complete.

Thankfully, the longest missions do have checkpoints that you can load into if you have to leave a mission before seeing it through. If you're struggling, you may want to change your loadout to include some of the best PvE weapons.

Here's a full list of the Witch Queen Campaign missions:

  • The Arrival
  • The Investigation
  • The Ghost
  • The Communion
  • The Mirror
  • The Cunning
  • The Last Chance
  • The Ritual

If you manage to beat all of the missions on Legendary, you're justly awarded the 'A Higher Truth' emblem.

Also, unlike past Destiny 2 campaigns, you can play the campaign missions back whenever you want. Just head to Savathun's Throne World on your Director, and select the mission and difficulty at the bottom of the map.

Destiny being Destiny, the campaign is just the beginning of The Witch Queen. More story content will open up once you finish the game, from exotic quests, post-story revelations, and various investigations to solve.

The Witch Queen is one of the biggest Destiny 2 expansions yet, so get stuck in: there's so much to discover and explore.

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Campaign - How long is it and mission list (4)

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Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Campaign - How long is it and mission list (2024)


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