How to follow live General Election 2024 results on TV, BBC iPlayer, Radio, BBC Sounds and BBC News online across the UK (2024)

Published: 5 July 2024

How to follow live General Election 2024 results on TV, BBC iPlayer, Radio, BBC Sounds and BBC News online across the UK (1)

The UK General Election is taking place on Thursday 4 July 2024 and the BBC will be bringing you all the results as they come, however you consume your news.

After polls close, in what has become an iconic moment, the exit poll – and eventually the election result – will be projected onto the front of the BBC’s London HQ at Old Broadcasting House.

Here's how to find out how the UK voted across TV, BBC iPlayer, Radio, BBC Sounds and BBC News online.

Live General Election 2024 Results on TV and BBC iPlayer

How to follow live General Election 2024 results on TV, BBC iPlayer, Radio, BBC Sounds and BBC News online across the UK (2)

Live TV coverage begins at 9.55pm on Thursday 4 July. Laura Kuenssberg and Clive Myrie, along with BBC political editor Chris Mason, will head an array of BBC expert talent to host the general election night TV coverage on BBC network news.

They will be joined in the BBC’s London studio by Reeta Chakrabarti, who will be analysing the results as they come in. Jeremy Vine – and the famous swingometer – will be broadcasting from Cardiff, Kirsty Wark from Glasgow, and Andrea Catherwood from Belfast. Professor Sir John Curtice, the ‘expert’s expert’ will be with Laura, Clive, Chris and Reeta to offer his vast psephological knowledge and insights.

Fiona Bruce, Victoria Derbyshire, Naga Munchetty, Nick Watt, and Alex Forsyth will be among the well-known BBC faces reporting from key locations around the country.

Sophie Raworth and Jon Kay will take the helm on Friday morning, with deputy political editor Vicki Young alongside them as the shape of the country’s new political map becomes clearer. Christian Fraser will be using graphics to build up a full picture of the new House of Commons. Nicky Campbell will anchor extended coverage from Glasgow.

The network programme will be shown on BBC iPlayer, BBC One in England, BBC Two in Wales and Northern Ireland, and the BBC News channel in Scotland. The programme will be available with BSL on the BBC News channel in the UK.

Dedicated election results programmes on BBC One in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales will be presented by Martin Geissler, Mark Carruthers, and Nick Servini respectively, with Anne McAlpine hosting a Gaelic language election roundup on BBC ALBA.

Live General Election 2024 Results on Radio and BBC Sounds

Rachel Burden and Nick Robinson will host live election night radio coverage on BBC Radio 4 from 9.45pm on 4 July, through to the Today programme the following morning, with BBC Radio 5 Live joining for a simulcast from midnight. They’ll be joined by Henry Zeffman, the BBC’s chief political correspondent, who’ll provide extra political analysis. BBC World Service will offer its global audiences a mix of dedicated UK election coverage and international news throughout the results period.

Newscast – under the banner of Electioncast for the duration of the campaign – will host an election night watch-along, with listeners invited joining the audience for the watch party through the night.

Live General Election 2024 Results on BBC News Online

The BBC’s digital audiences will be offered a complete results service on the night, with live pages and live video streams, and cameras and reporters across the length and breadth of the UK.

Live Scotland General Election Results

How to follow live General Election 2024 results on TV, BBC iPlayer, Radio, BBC Sounds and BBC News online across the UK (3)

Martin Geissler will present the results programme on BBC One Scotland from the BBC’s headquarters at Pacific Quay in Glasgow. The programme will also be simulcast on BBC Radio Scotland and on the BBC News website. It will start at 9.55pm, in time for the first big moment of the night, when the results of the exit poll come through.

He’ll be joined by Newsnight presenter Kirsty Wark, who’ll be interviewing a succession of politicians and commentators, alongside her other big job for the night, telling the story of Scotland’s election on the UK-wide results programme.

Reporting Scotland presenter Laura Miller will be at the election news desk, rounding up the night’s developing story.

And Political Correspondent David Wallace Lockhart will analyse the results with the help of the latest graphics technology.

And for those who consume news digitally, there'll be a Live Page to keep you up to date on all the latest twists and turns.

Live Northern Ireland General Election Results

Election coverage will reach its conclusion with a live television programme from 9.55pm on 4 July on BBC One Northern Ireland. Mark Carruthers will anchor proceedings, with analysis from Political Editor Enda McClafferty and Mark Simpson’s election graphics to help make sense of it all. There'll be outside broadcasts from the three count centres in Northern Ireland – Catherine Morrison at Titanic, Elaine McGee at Meadowbank and Richard Morgan from The Lakes in Craigavon – and additional reports on constituency results and reaction.

Jennifer O’Leary will report from London as the votes are counted across the rest of the UK. The programme will continue throughout the night and will also be streamed on the BBC News NI website and simulcast on BBC Radio Ulster/Foyle and on BBC Sounds – helping to keep audiences up to date on developing election news wherever they are.

There'll also be a dedicated Live Page on local Westminster election results, including analysis from Political Reporter Brendan Hughes and information about reaction from the candidates, their parties and supporters from Election Social Media Reporter, Claire Graham.

A special edition of Good Morning Ulster presented by Chris Buckler and Sarah Brett will assess the local Westminster results from 6am on Friday 5 July, speaking with newly elected MPs, analysing voting figures and looking to what comes next. BBC Newsline will sum it all up later in the evening with a comprehensive overview of election night results. Westminster election coverage will come to a conclusion on Sunday Politics.

Live Wales General Election Results

Join Nick Servini on BBC One Wales from 9.55pm for the dedicated election results programme from Wales. The programme will be simulcast on BBC Radio Wales.

You can follow the latest news and results on 4 July and into 5 July with Newyddion S4C presenters Bethan Rhys Roberts and Rhodri Llywelyn from 9.55pm. The programme will keep viewers and listeners of BBC Radio Cymru up to date with the latest results, expert views and interviews as well as analysis. Newyddion S4C will also bring you the latest on Friday 5 July with two special programmes, one at midday and an extended programme at 7.30pm.

On election night and into Friday morning, BBC Radio Cymru will simulcast Newyddion S4C’s programme. The Dros Frecwast team will pick up at 5am on Friday, 5 July with Kate Crockett, Gwenllian Grigg and Dylan Ebenezer bringing the latest results and reactions to listeners in an extended programme until 10am. At 12pm, Dewi Llwyd will present an extended Dros Ginio until 2pm and and join Dylan Jones for Post Prynhawn at 5pm, who will bring all the latest developments from Westminster. Dros Frecwast on Saturday, 6 June is also extended to an hour.

AndBBC Wales News online will have a Live Page through the night on 4 July and in to 5 July.

General Election 2024

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How to follow live General Election 2024 results on TV, BBC iPlayer, Radio, BBC Sounds and BBC News online across the UK (2024)


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