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This section of IGN's Destiny 2: The Witch Queen guide features a walkthrough of The Arrival, the first Campaign mission which is available to all players for free. Below you'll find requirements to begin as well as a full walkthrough of the mission.

The Arrival - Walkthrough

The Arrival is the first Campaign mission of Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion. Upon loading up Destiny 2, you'll view a short cutscene involving Ikora Rey and Eris Morn on Mars as they discover the Cabal are about to mobilize against a new target - Savathûn. To begin, select a difficulty for the Campaign, either Standard or Legendary. Both have a recommended Power level of 1360, although Legendary offers better rewards.


You'll begin on Mars with the task of finding Savathûn. Begin by heading towards the diamond-shaped quest marker straight ahead and fight off the Cabal reinforcements.

Take out the Imperial Cannoneer enemy and it will drop an item on the ground. Finish killing the rest of the Cabal enemies and pick up the Fuel Canister. This Heavy object makes you walk more slowly while carrying it, but can be used as a weapon by activating your powered melee.

Insert the Fuel Canister into the receptacle marked by the quest icon straight ahead to activate the Launcher. Enter the Launcher on the left to be fired over the mountain into the next area.

Fight off more Cabal and enter the doorway in the building on the right. Inside, you'll find Cabal Legionaries, Phalanx, and Psions waiting for you. Clear them out and interact with the terminal at the end of the room.

A large white circle will appear on the ground. Hold down this area while staying in the circle to extract information from the console. Afterward, exit the room through the door on the right and head towards the large fuel refinery area to the right.

Defeat the waves of enemy Cabal, and be sure to avoid taking too many shots from the Cabal dropship above. After the initial waves of enemies are defeated, your task will be updated to open two fuel lines. To do so, you'll need to defeat an Imperial Mechanic who will drop a large wrench.

Grab the wrench and carry it over to the marker nearby. Interact with the fuel line to open it. This will force another wave of enemies to spawn, including another Imperial Mechanic. Defeat the enemies, grab the wrench, and open the second fuel line.


Continue towards the large cannon in the distance, defeating the Cabal enemies as you proceed towards the destination. Enter the doorway and you'll be tasked with activating two cannon generators. Similar to the previous objective, you'll need to take out two specific enemies carrying the required items in order to progress.

In this case, you'll need to take out the two Imperial Technicians. Clear the room, defeat the Imperial Technician, pick up the Fusion cell, and insert it into the marked section on the cannon generator. Then, rinse and repeat for the second one. Proceed down the open hatch in the floor to drop below the generator room.

Make your way over to the left side of this room and carefully jump diagonally in between the rotating pistons. At the end of this section, you'll find a white circle on the ground where you can drop a Campaign Banner (or Rally Banner, as it's referred to in game) if you so choose. This refills all of your ammo for your weapons and fully charges all of your abilities before heading into the next encounter. Once you're ready, head through the hallway into the next room.

This room is a Restricted Zone, meaning your Ghost can't revive you. If you die, you'll have to restart this encounter from the beginning. Once again, you'll need to defeat two enemies who drop specific items to continue.

This time, you're looking for two override codes which will drop from the Imperial Engineer on the left side of the room. This enemy is a bit more difficult and hits hard, so utilize cover and heavy weapons to take it down more easily. Once defeated, it will drop a lift override code. Simply walk over the white pyramid-shaped item on the ground to pick it up. Continue to the other side of the room and take down the second Imperial Engineer and grab its override code, as well.

Interact with the console at the front of the room to activate the elevator lift. Grab the items from the chest that spawns in for completing the encounter and take the lift up to the top of the room. Defeat the Psions waiting up top and interact with the computer panel nearby to adjust the cannon trajectory.

Hop down the hatch and drop onto the walkway below. Follow it around, taking out the Cabal enemies on the way. Jump across into the cannon and walk upwards towards the front to be launched through the air towards Savathûn's ship.


When you land on the ship, head forward through the doorway and you'll be greeted by The Witch Queen herself. Head up the staircases and onto the walkway. Jump down to the small platform on the left and enter the doorway to proceed.

Jump up the waterfall to the left and make your way through the waterway towards the next destination marker. Just ahead, you'll find an Acolyte enemy with an overshield. When you break its overshield, a sparkling white moth will be released into the air. Shoot the moth after it appears to kill it! If you wait too long, the moth will begin attacking you, or enter another nearby enemy and provide it with an overshield.

After defeating the Acolyte and Knight (and moth), head towards the large room on the right. There's another area to drop a Rally Banner before entering. In this room, you'll need to kill more Hive enemies and obtain five Tributes dropped by Tribute Bearer enemies to open the door at the other end of the room.

These Tribute Bearer enemies have an overshield, so be sure to kill the Light moth when it's released after popping the shield. Once defeated, these enemies will drop Tributes on the ground. Walk over the Tribute to pick it up. You'll incur a status effect called Burden of Tribute for each one you're carrying to let you know you're in posession of a Tribute.

Bank the Tributes by standing in the circle in front of the doorway. Another round of enemies will spawn in. Grab the remaining Tributes from the Tribute Bearers to open the door.

Pass through the doorway and grab the loot from the chest before heading up the staircase. Make your way up the second staircase on the right and jump across to the platform on the left side of the room where you'll need to defeat the two Knights.


Jump up on top of the column with the statue on the left and enter the doorway behind it. Make your way through the corridor and kill the Light moths along the way. Jump across to the opposite side of the room and continue along the path.

Jump up to the chandelier hanging in the center of the room after killing another Light moth, then jump to one of the ledges on the side of the room. Continue down the ledge towards the large statue at the end and enter the opening behind it to drop down into the room below behind the gate.

Head towards the altar near the center of the room and pick up the Fragment floating on top of it. After a short conversation with your Ghost, enemies will spawn in. Clear the room and make your way up the staircase on the left side of the room towards the quest marker. Walk up the large staircase and you'll reappear outside Savathûn's ship.

Jump down to the walkway on your right and clear the enemies as you follow the path forward. At the opposite end of the walkway, you'll find another opening with some more Hive enemies. Defeat them and jump across the gap. Make your way down the hallway to the right and drop down the opening in the floor to reach the next area.

Walk through another hallway and follow the path to a large courtyard where you'll find Savathûn flying around near the center. Approach her and she'll enter a portal, sealing it behind her. Shortly after, a Lightbearer Knight will spawn into the arena.

This enemy is unlike anything we've encountered thus far as it has access to the Light - and the abilities that come with it. So, you'll need to take extra precaution as you're on a much more level playing field. This Lucent Knight posesses Void abilities, and when it activates an ability, you'll see it listed on the left side of your screen (similar to PVP Guardians in Crucible).


When it activates its Void Light ability, it will gain a large Void shield and will throw fast-moving void projectiles at you. Keep your distance and stay behind cover while pelting it with Power weapons, or your own Super ability.

Once defeated, it will leave behind a Hive Ghost. Approach the Hive Ghost for a short conversation with your Ghost. After a short moment, the Lucent Knight will respawn and you'll need to defeat it once more. This time, however, you need to perform a Finisher on the Hive Ghost which will allow you to defeat it for good.

Make your way towards the center of the arena and you'll be tasked with collecing three Tributes. As with the previous Tribute-collecting encounter, you'll need to defeat the marked enemies to gather each one. Once you collect the first Tribute, head back to the center to bank it.

Another wave of enemies will spawn in, and another Tribute Bearer. Repeat this process two more times to complete this encounter. Collect your loot from the chest that spawns and enter the Hive portal to continue.

You'll be transported to Savathûn's Throne World, a much more peaceful looking destination to say the least. Proceed towards the center of the garden area where you'll find a group of enemies waiting for you. Clear out the Hive enemies and enter the large central doorway after it opens.

Make your way up the stairs to hear a short conversation from Savathûn. Continue further into the interior until you reach a large room with a Hive ritual taking place at the other end.

Defeat the enemies around Savathûn and make sure to kill the Light moths that are released from them. Afterward, turn your attention to Savathûn herself. She will utilize some Void abilities, but focus on taking her out as quickly as possible while utilizing the large columns around the room for cover.


Once Savathûn is defeated, you'll become Threadbound and see a short cutscene before you're taken back to the surface of Mars.

To begin the next step of the Campaign, speak with Ikora Rey waiting in the distance off to the left where you'll pickup the Quest titled The Relic which introduces you to Weapon Crafting. You can also utilize the Vault and Postmaster terminals nearby.

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