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This section of IGN's Destiny 2: The Witch Queen guide features a walkthrough of the final Campaign mission titled The Ritual. Below you'll find requirements to begin as well as a full walkthrough of the mission.

The Ritual - Walkthrough

The Ritual is the ninth and final Campaign mission of Destiny 2's The Witch Queen expansion. After completing the previous mission Memories of Loss, you'll unlock The Ritual after chatting with a few members of the Vanguard at the Tower and the Enclave on Mars.

This mission can be started by launching it directly from the Throne World destination. Both Standard and Legendary difficulties have a recommended Power level of 1500, although Legendary offers better rewards.


You'll begin the mission in the Quagmire area of Savathûn's Throne World. Make your way towards her fortress where, yep, looks like she's already lured The Traveler into her domain. Yikes. Proceed towards the fortress, clearing out the enemies as you go.

It's quite a ways in, so feel free to hop on your Sparrow if you're in a rush, or you can always walk to soak in the hauntingly beautiful surroundings. As you enter the Florescent Canal, you'll be met with Scorn and Hive enemies duking it out.

Feel free to engage them, or continue towards the destination marker as we've got a ritual to disrupt! The fight you will need to engage in is outside the entrance to the fortress, where you'll find Hive Knights and Abominations fighting for turf, as well a Lightbearer Knight.

After the large group of enemies has been defeated, Ikora will fly in to save the day and do some really cool wizard stuff to open the path forward for you. Proceed through the open door and up the steps to reach the Court of Thorns area.

Here, you'll find more enemies to defeat before you can continue, including a Lightbearer Acolyte near the doorway at the end of the bridge.

Once you've dealt with the enemies, head through the door and up the stairs to reach the next area. Before dropping down, you can use the Rally Banner for some ammo and ability refills, and you'll probably need it as this next encounter is quite long.

Drop down into the room below when you're ready to start the fight. Here, you'll find a Lightbearer Wizard being protected by two floating crystals - which are also protected. There are also two nodes in the front where something can be deposited, which will remove the crystal's shields so you can destroy them.

Head through either the left or right side of the room. After defeating a Blistered Wizard, you'll reveal a set of three Hive runes above a glowing green portal. Take note of the exact order of these runes and head through the portal.


On the other side, you'll need to track down and kill two Revenant Knights and a Revenant Ogre guarding three different crystals. After each crystal is broken, you'll see a Hive rune illuminate over the portals around the area.

Once you've destroyed all three crystals, search the area for the portal that has the exact same set of runes in the same order that you saw before you entered the area. If done correctly, you'll enter a room containing a Void Charge. Pick it up and drop down to the main hall area and deposit it into the receptacle. This will drop the shield of one of the crystals protecting the Lightbearer Wizard, allowing you to shoot and destroy it.

If you happen to head through the wrong doorway, you'll see a message on the left side of your screen that says "Savathûn's laughter echoes through the halls..." which indicates that you didn't go through the correct portal. If you did happen to go through the wrong portal, the good news is that all the crystals remain broken on the other side, so you simply need to hunt for the matching rune portal and head back through it.

Regardless, you'll arrive back in the main hall area. Search the halls for another set of glowing runes and enter the portal below it, taking note of the order of the runes. Repeat the process on the other side of the portal to destroy three crystals and make your way through the corresponding portal displaying the smaller runes above it.

Once you've deposited both Void Charges into the receptacles and destroyed the two crystals in the main hall, defeat the Lightbearer Wizard to complete this encounter. Head through the portal in the center of the room and grab the reward chest on the other side.

Proceed along the top of the rafters and onto the circular platform to be taken to the top of the tower. You'll arrive in a spooky attic room. Head up the second staircase on the left and enter the narrow blue tunnel (you'll need to crouch to walk through it). Jump out the top and you'll be on the exterior of the fortress once again, just below the roof.

Defeat the enemies here and jump into the glowing green light to be lifted upwards to the Sanctum of the Brood Queen. Proceed up the staircases and you'll find a Rally Banner point just below the large swinging bell (don't worry, it won't hit you). It's recommended to refill your ammo and abilities before heading into the final stretch. Proceed up the long staircase to begin the final battle.


Boss Battle: Savathûn, The Witch Queen

This is it...the final battle with Savathûn, The Witch Queen herself. This battle takes place across multiple phases and requires plenty of patience to complete. Thankfully, there are sections of it that allow for respawns so you don't have to start everything over if you happen to fall.

Phase One:

For the first phase, try to reserve your Heavy ammo as Savathûn can easily be defeated with Primary ammo weapons. Utilize cover so you don't take unnecessary damage from her super abilities. Yes - she will utilize all three.

Once her health bar reaches about 15-percent, she'll teleport away and leave behind three Lucent Hive enemies: a Lightbearer Acolyte, Lightbearer Knight, and Lightbearer Wizard for you to deal with. Obviously, these enemies are extremely dangerous, so deal with each one as quickly as possible - and don't forget to crush their Hive Ghost!

After all three have fallen, Savathûn will return to the fight. Finish her off and she'll disappear into the air. Approach her ghost and you'll be Threadbound once more. She'll taunt you for a bit before opening a path forward to the island in the distance. C'mon, you didn't think she'd be that easy, did you?

Grab the reward chest and make your way across the bridge to the next area.

Phase Two:

When you arrive, you'll be given the objective of defeating Savathûn's Illusions. You'll notice Savathûn herself hardly takes any damage from weapons, so don't waste any of your Heavy ammo or Super abilities on her just yet.


After a moment, your Ghost will tell you that she's too powerful in her current state and you'll need to find another way to damage her. Make your way around the exterior of the arena and you'll find three Projection of Savathûn enemies floating around.

These are much easier to take down, and with each one you'll gain a stack of Glass Breaker. Once you've downed all three, head back towards the glowing blue column of light in the center of the arena to disrupt the ritual. Head through the open portal and you'll be transported to another plane where the Traveler is bound by webs.

Defeat the enemies and head through any of the glowing green portals. On the opposite side of each portal, you'll find a Threadweaver enemy. Defeat it to gain a stack of Thread Cutter.

Once all three have been defeated, interact with the altar in the center to view a memory. After the memory, you'll be transported back to the main arena, and now Savathûn is angry.

With the Thread Cutter x3 buff active (shown on the left side of your screen), you'll deal increased damage to Savathûn. So, now's the time to hit her with what you've got. Your goal is to take her health down to the first tick mark (about 10-percent of her overall health).

Be mindful of where Savathûn is in relation to your location as she will fly around the arena popping Supers left and right, each one lethal enough to take you out if you're not ready for it. Utilize cover and keep an eye out for enemies as there are a number of Thrall who will swarm you if you stay in one place for too long.

After her health reaches the first checkpoint, head back to the middle of the arena to be transported back to the other plane. Defeat the enemies within and proceed into the green portals. This time, you'll need to climb the towers using the Deepsight orb nearby to defeat each of the Threadweavers.


Upon defeating each one, you'll have a Projection of Savathûn to deal with after you're transported back. Proceed through the final two portals and take down the Threadweaver enemies until you have the Thread Cutter x3 buff. View the next memory at the central altar and you'll be transported back to the main arena.

Back in the main arena, you'll have the opportunity to drop a Rally Banner down if you need to refill ammo or abilities. Also, if you happen to die from this point, you'll restart from this checkpoint. It's important to note that your Thread Cutter buff only lasts for a short time each time you return to the main arena from this point on, so make sure to maximize your damage against Savathûn while you can.

Savathûn will spawn a large purple barrier (not Ward of Dawn as she can shoot through it) and you'll need to make your way around the exterior of the arena and kill the three Threadweavers to gain the Thread Cutter buff once more.

Savathûn will be utilizing Void, Solar, and Arc Supers throughout the fight. Each is telegraphed fairly well and can be avoided by staying behind cover.

The Void Super is like a small Nova bomb that will fire slowly and seek you out. If it hits, it will pop you out behind cover and expose you. She'll glow purple slightly before using this Super ability.

The Arc Super is a variation of Stormtrance that calls down lightning from the sky and hits the arena in three straight lines. She'll glow orange slightly before using this Super ability.

The Solar Super is Blade Barrage where she'll hurl a number of flaming knives at you in quick succession. She'll glow orange slightly before using this Super ability.

Each time you kill the Threadweavers, your Thread Cutter buff lasts for 45 seconds, so hit Savathûn with everything you've got and try not to focus too much on the smaller enemies if you can to ensure you get maximum damage output.


When your Thread Cutter buff expires, stop damaging Savathûn and seek out the Threadweavers once more to gain your buff. Rinse and repeat until you finally down The Witch Queen.

After the fight, you'll see another couple of cutscenes, including our first look at The Witness, before being returned to the Enclave on Mars. Speak with Ikora to complete the final step of the Campaign and receive your rewards.

What to Do After Finishing The Witch Queen Campaign

Congratulations! You've completed The Witch Queen Campaign. There's plenty to do afterward, though, so your journey doesn't end here.

Ikora will give you the Quest titled Of Queens and Worms to acquire the Parasite Exotic Grenade Launcher. You can also begin some investigation Quests by visiting the Evidence Board nearby. If you purchased The Witch Queen Deluxe Edition, you can head to the Relic and craft the Osteo Striga Exotic SMG.

Additionally, there are new activities that can be unlocked in the Throne World, so head over and speak to Fynch when you get a moment. Oh, and there's plenty of sweet weapons to craft!

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